Friday, September 18, 2009

Weekly Agenda 9/21-9/25

Kindred reading quiz
3-level discussion review
Introduce new terms
-dynamic/static character
--pathetic fallacy
Glossary Entries
-group work
HW Finish glossary entries

Discuss time-travel
-as a metaphor
-as it relates to slavery
-as it defines Kindred as a Science-Fiction novel versus Memoir
Distinguishing theme and motif
HW Bring Independent books tomorrow and comp journals

Double-entry #3
HW Take home Kindred Lit. Terms Quiz

Pair share and complete quiz
-review terms
Kindred and identity
-first person narrative
-articulating themes
-parallel conflicts
HW Research the concept alienation
Bring outside reading books tomorrow and journals

Subbed out for Baseline Grading
Reflect on the excerpt from an Octavia Butler interview and write a short essay(3 paragraphs), as journal entry #4.
If you finish early, you may read you independent reading book (no entry necessary)
If you don't finish, finish for HW.
HW Bring Kindred and Journals on Tuesday to share and review